伸手不打笑臉人-站台喜劇連演 I

伸手不打笑臉人-站台喜劇連演 I Key Version

12/11(六)18:00- 19:00 菜冠雙頭 x 乾拌麵







活躍在23 comedy和卡米地喜劇俱樂部演出,也經常參與喬瑟夫YT頻道、博恩夜夜秀的網路影片演出。

創作與演出 / 菜頭、冠冠



創作與演出 / 夏普、大弋






伸手不打笑臉人-站台喜劇連演 I <菜冠雙頭 x 乾拌麵>
伸手不打笑臉人-站台喜劇連演 II <漫才少爺 x 傻孩子宅急便 >
得人疼單人演出- 偉大的兔子先生
得人疼單人演出- 公主開箱


僻室House Peace 創立於2018年,由一群擁有劇場各領域專業的成員組成,範疇包含導演、表演、舞台、燈光、服裝等劇場展演及各類視覺設計。


If Laughter Can Be Superpower, then We Are Heroes 

This delayed summer performance is now providing warm laughter in winter – two consecutive days, four groups of Manzai comics, eight sketches. We invite everyone to C-LAB to experience this. View the new normal from the perspective of humor at a reasonable distance. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, Manzai performers continued to create online. Through live broadcasts and videos, they tirelessly brought joy to many. Finally, they are able to appear in person at C-LAB! No matter if a seasoned fan or a curious onlooker, maintain the proper distance as you enter the post-pandemic Manzai world!


Hello, everyone! We are KuanKuan and Much, members of KuanKuanMuch. 

Our primary focus is Japanese-style humor and our secondary focus is Japanese food. We like to make people happy!

KuanKuanMuch is a young and up-and-coming Manzai group from Taiwan. Our performance style is hilarious, nonsensical, and energetic!

We often appear at the Two Three Comedy Club and Live Comedy Club, as well as on the ChillSeph You Tube channel and the online The Night Night Show. 

Co-creators & Performers / Much, KuanKuan


Gbmanzai was formed by Chap and Dayi who have been deeply involved in Taichung’s performing arts scene for many years. Chap dominated a prestigious comedy competition in Taiwan and Dayi is a magician. Together they bring audiences a new form of Manzai with performances that are filled with surprises, such as magic tricks. 

Co-creators & Performers / Chap, Dayi

[ Welcome to Funny Land ]

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, everyone has experienced some form of upheaval in terms of relationships and distances between people. We use "humor" as an incision point to encourage interactions between performances and audiences at a new distance. In this way, a greater diversity of performing arts groups is introduced and more possibilities for performances are explored at C-LAB. These include fun themed games, magic shows, solo drag show, and shows by Manzai comedy groups that have been active on the Internet but are now appearing in person.  

Originally scheduled for the summer, pandemic prevention restrictions that were in place then have since been lifted so that we can now usher in a time of exuberance. It is hoped that everyone who participates finds a familiar yet fantastical experience through their interactions with different performances and performers. 

Funny Land Series includes the following programs: 

Where Is Chu Wei?
If Laughter Can Be Superpower, then We Are Heroes I
If Laughter Can Be Superpower, then We Are Heroes II
Maybe a Loveable Solo- The Great Mr. Rabbit
Maybe a Loveable Solo- Unboxing The Princess

Curator: House Peace 

House Peace was founded in 2018 by a group of professionals with different areas of expertise including directing, acting, set design, lighting, costume design, and visual design. 

House Peace is diversity and creativity-oriented. Starting from its foundation in theater, it attempts to combine various creative media to serve as a laboratory for inclusive theater performances, spatial landscapes, and original productions.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HousePeace.Taiwan